Explosie veiligheid & ATEX

Danger of explosion can occur in all companies where flammable gases, liquids or powders are used. A powder, gas, mist or vapor, mixed with oxygen from the air, can form an explosive atmosphere, a minimal spark can lead to disastrous consequences. To minimize this danger, components, electrical and mechanical, of the installations in these environments must comply with the ATEX directive.

Our ATEX specialists can provide advice and designs for installations in hazardous areas or provide certification for ATEX components for use in these zones. It is important to clarify demand and legislation, but also to design and certify the correct components in accordance with the ATEX standard.

Quality & Safety

Organizations that place great emphasis on quality and safety realize higher returns than companies that pay little or no attention to this. This is not a myth, but a fact. Ensuring quality and safety offers even more advantages: it reduces disruptions, disruption costs and accidents, it lowers the costs that come along with it, it also increases productivity, results and it guarantees the continuity of your organization.

The certification specialists from ImProvia are ready to let your organization meet the desired quality and safety requirements. Call on our certification specialists for among others:

  • ISO 9001, VCA of VCU, OHSAS 18001, AQAP, work environment safety or an other certification;
  • risk assessment and risk evalutation;
  • task risk analysis;
  • developing of instructions;
  • Setting up a safety training program and safety regimes; opzetten van veiligheidsopleidingen en veiligheidsregimes;
  • providing safety training.

Machine Safety CE

To guarantee the safety of machines and products, they have to comply with EU directives. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of guidelines and standards to find a balance between safety, technology and funding.

ImProvia has experienced specialists who have obtained the certificate of Certified Machinery Safety Expert (CMSE®). Based on their extensive experience with mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic systems and industrial automation, they have proven that they are experts in the field of machine safety.

Our certified specialists have the knowledge and the field expertise of machine safety. Also they have the CE Marking for both new construction as upgrading and adapting exisiting machines.

We are keen to talk about your next success.